Video Chat & Kiosks

An area of opportunity for your business to partner with OneChat is in relation to video kiosks / video chat. OneChat has the experience and technology capability to provide you and your customers value added solutions.

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Imagine if your customers could interact with subject matter experts directly via video kiosks located in store talking with our trained consultants in our state of the art Melbourne facility !

Creating new possibilities...

By utilizing our kiosks and videochat technology your customers will be able to…

  • Self serve
  • Have their questions answered
  • Maintain and enhance the customer experience


By utilizing our kiosks and videochat technology your company will be able to…

  • Reduce headcount and manage costs
  • Provide your customers another channel of communication
  • Drive efficiency in store and reduced cost to serve

Video Chat & Kiosks Supported by OneChat

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

Look into the future of customer experience

Here are just 4 ways videochat & kiosks can enhance your customers experience and reduce your cost to serve

Visual Communication: Most people tend to avoid calling the company and waiting for their issue to be resolved. One of the best things that the video chat application lets agents do is to communicate visually with all potential customers in real-time.

It offers clarity: Often, while speaking on a call, customers cannot get their point across to the customers and explain to them the exact issue. This leads to miscommunication and reduction in sales and customer experience.

Kiosks can replicate an in-store experience: The video chat software lets the consultant speak to the customers and also helps them in completing complex transaction procedures from right where they are sitting.

Offers an instant communication option: Customers tend to abandon a website or call queue because they don’t get to speak to the company agents or service centers, the moment they want to. Embedding a video chat option on the website results in better communication as customers can instantly speak to the agents or customer engagement centres and get their issues resolved quickly.

Think Globally, Act Locally

OneChat looks forward to working with key stakeholders at your business to devise future solutions that enhance the customer experience. From continuous improvement via our proprietary OneProgram to technological solutions that drive ROI such as video chat and video kiosks.

When partnering with OneChat we can provide you the customer service solutions and the technology to take this concept to reality.

With a number of global companies successfully using this very concept in the USA and Europe, your business has the opportunity to provide your customers a new service experience right here in Australia.

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