On Demand Contact Centre Solutions

Use OneChat as your on demand, overflow or emergency contact centre solution…

Besides the obvious threat of natural disasters, there are plenty of reasons why disaster recovery plans are a crucial requirement for your business. With our fully operational disaster recovery site, and on demand contact centre solutions, you can take advantage of our facilities and experience with a flexible and scalable solution.

OneChat can offer your business an omni channel ready, 24/7 solution designed to be a cost effective solution to boost sales, handle a company crisis, provide overflow during peak periods and most importantly service your customers and enhance their experience.

on demand

“We’ve saved you a seat !”

Your business can take advantage of our state of the art facility to provide overflow services during peak periods and to address seasonal challenges.

Rather than recruit staff and stretch internal resources that may affect the customer experience, you can partner with OneChat to provide our ready made contact centre and technological solutions to ensure your customers queries never go unanswered.

It’s an evolving world for our customers, and as purchasing and service habits continue to change, smart businesses follow suit.

One way organisations can improve their customer contact strategy is through an omni or multichannel approach.

Take a look at just some of the ways you can utilize our solutions...

Don’t miss a customer contact during your peak periods. OneChat can provide overflow services during your company’s busiest times

Allow OneChat’s experience in outbound sales and promotional campaigns drive sales and greater ROI

Short term or pilot campaigns are an excellent way to test your products, services, internal contact centre or…us

Need to service your customers 24/7 ? Want a more cost effective way to do so ? OneChat can offer your customers 24/7 omni channel service or just take over when the day shift goes home !

A business wide crisis can happen at anytime. Tech issues stopping customers from being able to contact your office ? Product recall, and you need to let your customers know asap ? OneChat can help

No room left in your current facility ? Need extra workstations for staff ? Utlilize our on demand contact centre solution and these headaches are a thing of the past.