Omni-channel & Technology Solutions

Whatever your business needs, OneChat can customise a turnkey solution for you. Now you can communicate with your customers via their channel of choice


It’s and evolving world for our customers and as purchasing and service habits continue to change and evolve, smart businesses follow suit. One way organisations can improve their customer contact strategy is through an omni or multichannel approach.

Omnichannel is a cross-channel business model that companies use to increase customer experience.

Onechat can partner with your organisation to devise the right strategy for your customers. We can provide the service across your existing channels, or work with you to create new ones like live chat and social.

Companies that use omnichannel contend that a customer values the ability to be in constant contact with a company through multiple avenues at the same time. At OneChat, we can help.


OneCloud is all about dynamic flexibility from an IT platform that provides the latest technology; WFM, Social Media and Compliance, Security and Data that will provide self-serve reporting, dialer management to improve productivity and penetration.

Our omni-channel solution will allow your customers to communicate via their channel of choice.. On premise or in the cloud, our technology solutions are tailored to customer requirements.

Blended Solutions: Our consultants / consultants / solutions providers will be able to seamlessly interact and deliver productive conversations via your customers channel of choice with our omni-channel solution – OneCloud.



  • Comprehensive and secure, the API gateway enables custom integration between OneCloud and your other applications
  • Configure the timing and frequency of updates to suit your needs
  • No limits to the quantity or frequency of transactions per day
  • Fully customisable, enabling you to achieve your integration requirements
  • Connect your CRM to have a dynamic link between your data and OneCloud
  • Leverage your CRM’s workflows by incorporating call results into communication triggers for lead nurturing

Real Time Performance Reporting

Using our OneCloud omni-channel technology suite, your business will be able to take advantage of this via our real time performance dashboards. In our focus to be transparent with our clients, you will be able to take advantage of OneCloud to increase customer engagement, surveys, data and analytics to improve campaign performance.

Key stakeholders will be able to listen to calls live, pull reports and more…all from OneCloud. Anywhere, anytime.

We know that the future is at our door step, that is why we offer you the ability to choose your future with our technology.