Meet Bianca

The Building Blocks Of Our Success

We begin our solutions for your business with our most important asset, our people. The building blocks of our success begin with recruitment. Our philosophy of right person for the right role ensures we source talent specific to the campaign brief.

OneChat does not believe in the one size fits all recruitment methodology, but through our years of experience recruiting talent for a range of campaigns and verticals we have managed to recruit 1000’s of staff across a range of roles, from outbound sales to inbound customer care and so much more. We start though with an introduction to your Campaign Manager and the lifecycle of a OneChat employee and how that benefits you ……….

Meet Bianca.

One of our Campaign Co-ordinators who may work on your campaign.

An inductee of our OneStar program and active participant in regular OneLearn activities, she has led several teams to successful campaign outcomes in the areas IOT, Automotive, Advertising, FMCG and finance . She currently leads one of the largest global brand campaigns– a FMCG client  Case studies of her current campaign can be found here.

Bianca lives in Carrum Downs which is 20 minutes on Eastlink from the office. She is studying Business at  Holmesglen TAFE in Chadstone which takes her  26 minutes in traffic.

How did she get to where she is today?……….

Professional & Personal Development

  • OneLearn Professional and lifestyle training programs
  • Ongoing opportunities for staff to challenge themselves with additional responsibilities in a guided environment
  • OneTalent identification and development program
  • Quarterly KPI aligned review process incorporating
    a professional development plan
  • Weekly Calibration Q&A meetings provide an environment to strive for constant improvement and learn from peers
  • Social and Community Awareness Club underpinned by our OneCommunity Program

How We Retain Staff & Increase Engagement

  • Regular One on One, 360 degree evaluation sessions
  • Open door Management policy
  • Education and encouragement from day one regarding opportunities for promotion
  • OneLearn and OneTalent Professional and lifestyle training programs
  • Recognition of life balance on site offering: Central relaxation and entertainment Hub, Health driven environment encouraging use of surrounding parklands, Onsite gym, cafes and childcare facility to come in December 2017
  • The Perfect location: top floor, state of the art facility, 24-hour access, high end security. Dedicated undercover and secure parking spaces.
  • Just 25km from the CBD via 3 major arterials.
  • OneStar employee reward and recognition program

Promotion From Within

Wherever possible, candidates for Management roles are groomed from within OneChat’s pool of talent. The foundations of this pool are  the OneLearn and OneTalent Programs which are designed to educate,  support and build confidence in our people across all areas of the business. The desired outcome of this leadership strategy is to ensure that OneChat is well positioned to have leadership capability, now and into the future.

Specifically directed towards substantive and aspiring team leaders, Sales Managers and Senior Executives, the strategy:

  • Is initiated from induction training
  • Links leadership with OneChat’s business outcomes and accountability statements
  • Builds and sustains leadership capabilities for OneChat into the future
  • Ensure that qualitative and quantitative indicators of leadership are developed, used to measure success and inform current and future requirements

The program is designed:

  • To provide our point of difference. When identifying talent
  • Sources and creates the educational platforms that provide the best learning opportunities for all
  • To install confidence and present an opportunity. to perform, make mistakes and improve.
  • OneLearn runs induction, leadership and wellbeing activities to enhance an employee’s love of OneChat


The OneLearn Training Team here at OneChat celebrate a combination of 50+ years experience across Marketing and Public Relations, Five Star Hospitality, SME and Enterprise Sales and Contact Centre Management. Their background industries dictate nothing less than first rate processes, delivery and outcomes. As a result, they expect nothing less from their trainees.

Whilst ongoing professional and personal development programs are always on the timetable, it is new client implementation training that really brings this team to the fore.

Developed in constant consultation with our clients to ensure that we are an extension of your brand incorporating the alignment of:

  • Product knowledge
  • QA Compliance
  • KPIs/ Pricing Matrices
  • Company guidelines
  • Legal requirements
  • Company values
  • Solution and Resolution Requirements

Training Materials

A typical suite of training  materials will be developed in line with any existing materials available from our clients and can include:

  • Product Manuals (digital with links through our IT functionality)
  • Assessment Activities
  • Product Resolution Manuals (digital with links through our IT functionality)
  • Open Forum Question Session Plans
  • Practical Demonstrations (OneLearn team and/or client)
  • Role Play Outlines
  • FAQs
  • Pop Quizzes
  • Lesson Plans

Training Delivery

Training delivery methods are unlimited and selected to suit the campaign and product type. Multiple methods are utilised to ensure thorough understanding by all learning styles:

Delivery Options include:

  • Face to Face
  • Online material and assessment (KM Knowledge Management System)
  • Skype
  • PowerPoint
  • Practical Activity sessions (Product based)
  • Coordinated Site Visits
  • Instructional Videos (client history, vision, ethos, products)

Leadership Representation

Team Leaders, Supervisors and Campaign Managers are required to complete training alongside the agents. Their proficiency expectation is to match the agent……Not only does this ensure continuity through product and client knowledge across the board but allows company recognised leaders to monitor and promote first rate activities when the campaign goes live. All managers are required to build their daily routines to maximise efficiencies and governance protocols.

Assessment / Followup Ongoing

Practical and written assessments are conducted during training and on an ongoing basis throughout the campaign. These assessments confirm agent understanding of all aspects of the campaign and determine the need for any training tweaks discovered by our campaign QA processes.

Any agent that has not completed all aspects of the training satisfactorily will not go live until this level is achieved to the satisfaction of the OneLearn team and, where applicable, our clients.

Uncompromising Recruitment

OneChat’s recruitment strategy is based on our management team’s years of experience across all campaign types. We have come to understand that agents with previous call centre experience or specific industry experience are not always the right fit – they may have acquired bad habits that are hard to break, and can have a high level of cynicism about contact centre work.

Our experience has shown that focusing on candidates with experience in retail and hospitality, both industries which have a strong focus on customer service skills produces much better recruiting outcomes

Recruitment Strategy & Selection Process

Location is critical to the success of any campaign, the CBD will give quantity but not quality whereas the location of OneChat will provide quality and tenure and that will drive ROI for our clients and OneChat.

We target candidates via a total radius of 50km Recruitment Radius extending to Mornington,  Beaconsfield, Croydon, Greensborough, Carlton, Point Cook, Frankston.

Focus on relevant experience, previous contact centre and customer service/sales experience, written communication skills, tenure at previous employment and eligibility for work.

Phone Interview – Focus on briefing the candidate about the role, assessing their customer service/ sales and problem-solving skills, reconfirm eligibility and tenure, motivational fit, contact centre and campaign fit, verbal communication skills and assess previous employment.

Assessment Centre – Focus on further briefing the candidate about the role and listening to best practice calls, tour of the call centre, numeracy and literacy testing, PC navigation, criminal and credit check and role plays.

Behavioral based Face to Face Interview (group or one on one) – Focus on contact centre and campaign fit, longevity, customer service/sales focus, outcome focus, problem-solving and team focus.