Customer contact is our thing. Our team have been involved in millions of customer interactions and counting. Every customer interaction is crucial to your business. It is your organisations chance to shine in the eyes of your customer and have them as advocates of your brand. In 2018 and beyond, to do this effectively you need a customer contact solution that can provide everything your customers needs, via any channel they choose.

  • 4:00 PM — 5:30 PM
    Recognising The New Customer
    The new customer is always on, always connected, and always juggling an ever-changing arsenal of tools — from mobile phones to social networks. So when it comes to doing business, they expect each touchpoint to be as productive as any other. No exceptions, no excuses. So it’s no surprise that the new customer is reaching out to the contact centre from all directions. Just think about the touchpoints that can be used to resolve a problem or make an informed purchase decision. In this webinar join our Director of Sales & Partnerships and special guests as they discuss the ever changing landscape of customer experience in 2018 and beyond and where the Australian contact centre fits into your business' strategy.