Video Marketing Case Studies

OneChat was tasked with assisting our client in reducing cost to serve by making a training and tutorial video for their customer “self serve” web portal.

Our marketing team has had the opportunity to work with a number of clients producing video for them and their customers.

The video to the right highlights some of this work…

Case details

Client name:
Global FMCG Client
OneChat Melbourne Marketing Team
Business Solutions, Marketing

Program of Work

One of our global FMCG clients recognised there are areas of their business could reduce cost to serve. They had many legacy customers that preferred to use fax and mail for their orders which significantly increased staff headcount and order fulfilment.

They recognised this by building their own self serve web portal where customers could place their own orders and edit details etc. The take up for this service was poor…

OneChat ensured that all staff mentioned the portal in customer interactions and our marketing team designed a training video to explain how the portal worked and pushed the video out to targeted customers based off ordering frequency and order type.

This has now reduced cost to serve in this area of our clients business as well as improving customer experience and reduced headcount providing ROI to our client

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