Customer Service Case Study

Working with one of the largest companies in the world, we are currently assisting them with contacting their Victorian and Tasmanian customer base and completing a customer diagnostic of their equipment servicing requirements and client profiling.

Utilizing our blended solutions model we are able to have proactive and value added conversations with their clients. The importance of such conversations assist our client their financial forecasting in future repairs, services and sales.

Case details

Client name:
Global Equipment & Machinery Company
OneChat Melbourne Contact Centre
Business Solutions

Program Of Work

The training and marketing departments of both organisations joined together to develop a tailored training program that could be facilitated to our new team. It needed to include direct access to our clients internal systems and an external knowledge base which was developed and implemented seamlessly.

The solution required an identification check, tailored conversations and data cleansing on the equipment owned or financed.

All allocated customers were contacted in what was Phase 1 of the operation. QA analysis showed 100% accuracy on our data cleansing against a 99% target.

We also provide lead generation opportunities for our client’s sales team for new product interest for outright purchasing and/or financial packages totalling tens of millions of dollars in sales opportunities.

The success of Phase 1 lead to an immediate uptake of Phase 2 which is currently underway. Phase 3 has now been confirmed as well as an invitation to continue the partnership into additional marketing activities and an implementation of the program nationally, Australia wide. This includes high end clients in the Mining industry.

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