Reduce Costs

Consolidate your customer contact footprint into a single (or reduced) contact centre solution to drive productivity, efficiency, reduce operational costs and enhance the customer experience to drive ROI for your business.

Continuous Improvement

Our management team have worked on a wide variety of campaigns over the last 18 years with some outstanding results. You can be sure when you partner with OneChat that we know Continuous Improvement


OneChat is committed to providing our clients solutions that go above and beyond compared to our competitors. To that end we have built our own continuous improvement centre via our OneCustomer Lab ®


Implementation and continued performance is integral to your business success. This is where OneChat’s patented OneProgram provides confidence. One governs every step of implementation, governance, operational and cultural performance

Blended Solutions

OneChat will provide your customers a seamless customer service experience. We do this via our unique blended approach where we have consultants move from order takers and transactional interactions to our dedicated solutions providers across multiple channels and work types.

We've Sat In Your Chair

Our advisory board and senior managers have sat on the side of the desk that have made decisions around outsourcing opportunities for their businesses and understand the key factors that make a successful partnership with the right vendor.



OneChat can help your business acquire new customers and retain existing ones


Our team will use our extensive experience to convert potential customers into buyers or retain existing ones via our "blended" approach


Customer centricity is not just about offering great service, its about providing a great experience across the whole customer lifecycle


We will be an extension of your company's brand and manage the lifecycle of your customers at every touchpoint


No, we arent quite made scientists but we do have our own lab !

OneCustomer Lab®

The OneCustomer Lab® is our innovation hub where we work with our tech partners around enhanced omni-channel capabilities as well as our clients key stakeholders and their customers

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Whatever your business needs OneChat can customise a turnkey solution for you.


Customer Acquisition & Retention

Get more customers, drive new business and decrease customer churn

Customer Experience Solutions

Customer contact is our thing. Engage & delight your customers

on demand

On Demand Contact Centre Solutions

On demand, whenever you need us, we’ve saved you a seat !

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OneCustomer Lab ®

Continuous Improvement & Innovation to enhance the customer experience


Omni-channel & Technology Solutions

Communicate with your customers via their channel of choice

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Why Outsource...Onshore ?

As outsourcing became unpopular, Australian companies started to onshore again, making it their market differentiator in order to appeal to Australians.

Today, companies are realizing that customer excellence is really what drives people. A sub-par customer service can result to customer loss, and it’s a tough pill to swallow. Businesses are now seeking ways to make sure that they are identified with excellent customer service.

The customer of today and tomorrow have changed the way we interact. The new generation wants broader, warmer, more personalised conversations with businesses, different from the cold, monotonous, and over-scripted talks a lot of offshore businesses implement.

Customers now have different preferences in terms of communication, and multi-skilled BPO providers who can also supply different communication channels can help tremendously in providing superb customer service.

The shift to outsourcing in Australia is happening. While companies who prefer in-housing processes is still the majority (55%), the rapid change of market expectations is requiring businesses to raise the competitiveness.

Australian businesses are seeking partners that can add value and they are looking to build more partnerships locally and realising the benefit to outsource…onshore.